Reflection video


In this video i tal

k about my overall experience in class. I talk about some of the things I have learned while taking this class.I talk about the struggles that plagued me from beginning to end. I also talk about what I thought was great about my projects, which is simply the fact that I learned from them and that they are informative to others as well.


Final BLOG

With this being my last blog about financial aid, I decided to tackle something that a student who is graduating focusing on as one of the last things while at school. That is student loans, and with that being said the to videos talk about students loans for college students  One of the focuses is what type of loans a student should take out while in school. Anther is what type of loans should be paid off first and the time span in which it takes to pay off a loan. Also, I get into some of the details on how much you have to pay to finish off paying loans withing 10 years. I hope you can take from this and learn how to manage and make your loan payments as easy as possible.