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College tuition slowly rises yearly, but as it goes up funding goes down. I want to focus on this for my blog. I want to inform others on how college is expensive and that some students have to drop out because they can’t afford it. University schools spend more money on athlete scholarships than academic scholarships. To focus more making sure you have all the best athletes for you sports teams is crazy and unfair. I do believe that athletes should get some money, but to focus more on them then the students who want to learn doesn’t make sense.

Big university athletic teams get more money than a smaller schools team would, but this still doesn’t justify that it is okay to give more money to the athletes. I want to interview some athletes and coaches to talk about how they feel about this. There is also a problem with the bigger sports like football receiving more funding than a less known sport like tennis or track. All sports teams should receive equal or close to equal funding. I’m not saying you have to build a big stadium for all of them. I just think that football and basketball shouldn’t be the only sports where all the athletes have full tuition scholarships.

According to Hughes (2013) there have been a growing number of problems associated with college cost. Tuition rates continue to rise and this prevents students from finishing school, some have to take a break and pay off their loans before they can finish. Some never get a chance to go back because they can’ afford to pay for school while taking care of their family.

I think by surveying and conducting video interviews with students and athletes, I can draw in on some of the important issues of school tuition.  I want to sit down with at least three different athletes from different sports to see how they feel about the funding they receive. I want to see how they feel about knowing they aren’t getting the same as a football player does.

The Tobin (2005) article investigated how Division III schools don’t get funding like a big Division I school for athletes. They argue that this makes it hard to get athletes to come because most need scholarships to pay for schooling. They also look at how this plays into affect with their educational concerns. The Stone (2007) article talks about how colleges have become more of a corporation because of the decline in funding an increased tuition fees for public universities in the U.S and Canada. So as we see this isn’t just a problem that we are facing in the U.S, but I won’t be focusing on the problems with Canada school. 


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